Elise (Roedenbeck) Valderrama is a Peruvian-American stand-up comedian, writer, and animator. 

Presently, Valderrama works at Fusion Network  as an on-air talent/writer/producer (press release via ABC – mention via The Hollywood Reporter) . Previously, she was the New York bureau chief for Pocho.com where she created the quirky political satire web series MiJA Weekly.

Most recently, Valderrama created and showran a political gameshow pilot (Dumocracy) for Fusion Network– hosted by comedian Cyrus McQueen and cohosted by Valderrama.

Valderrama’s humor has been called kooky, subversive, and sharp.

Born in Lima, Peru to Peruvian parents and Peruvian grandparents, Valderrama moved to the swamplands of Miami as a young child. After earning her BFA in animation, she moved to New York where she began her career as a stand-up comedian.

She enjoys animal attacks, the works of Camus, and long walks on the beach (preferably without the sun in her eyes).


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