Elise Valderrama is a Peruvian-American stand-up comedian, writer & producer. 

Peruvian-born, Miami-raised, Elise Valderrama (born Elise Valderrama Roedenbeck) came to the United States from Lima at age 5. She studied at UCB while attending the School of Visual Arts. In 2013, she helped launch the ABC/Univision joint venture, Fusion Network. Elise worked both on-camera as a correspondent in addition to off-camera as a writer and producer. Most notably, she co-wrote and produced The Search for Sexy with Sex Nerd Sandra, which aired on Fusion Network in 2015.

Elise has an extensive background in comedy, having performed stand-up since 2010 and has appeared in the sketch comedy group, Fine Funny & Female (though she generally has a mistrust of anyone who refers to women as females). Most recently, she has appeared on Mr. Robot (USA) and American Ripper (History).



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