What even the hell, man?

I recently got into a debate with someone who claimed that if you’re caught drunk driving, your kids can be taken away– so why shouldn’t it be any different for someone entering the country illegally?

First point, ask any social worker– the state does not want to take away anyone’s kids if at all avoidable. Furthermore, they will work to find next of kin if deemed absolutely necessary. It is a costly cluster fuck to take away the child of a drunk driver, and honestly, not very likely if you are white and middle class and above.

Second (and probably most important) point: it’s not just a matter of being caught drunk driving, you have to be convicted of drunk driving (ie due process).
Immigrants at the border are being detained and separated without due process.

You may say “but they are entering illegally.” Well, how do you know that if there is no due process of law? Now you are guilty before proven innocent. This is against the law and sorta kinda a cornerstone of democracy…

Is my slip showing? Gender and vulnerability in stand-up comedy

What does it mean to be vulnerable?¬†This question comes up quite a bit in comedy. You might hear someone say, “oh, he’s so raw, so vulnerable…” It’s a common form of praise, usually for male comedians.

Former Late Show booker, Eddie Brill, named vulnerability as his favorite quality in a comedian. He seldom, if ever, booked women. Eventually, he was fired for his statements in the now infamous New York Times article.¬†However, the crux of his argument was that good comedians reveal their weaknesses and women just don’t do that.

For most men, being vulnerable is a choice. Women don’t have that luxury, we don’t have to reveal anything to be vulnerable– we are vulnerable, simply by existing.

From the moment we are born to the moment we die, we are taught to stay safe, don’t go out alone, don’t leave your drink out, don’t drink too much, don’t stay out late, don’t wear provocative clothing, don’t threaten men. And those are just first world problems.