I recently got into a debate with someone who claimed that if you're caught drunk driving, your kids can be taken away-- so why shouldn't it be any different for someone entering the country illegally? First point, ask any social worker-- the state does not want to take away anyone's kids if at all avoidable. Furthermore, they will work to find next of kin if deemed absolutely necessary. It is a costly cluster fuck to take away the child of a drunk driver, and honestly, not very likely if you are white and middle class and above. Second (and probably most important) point: it's not just a matter of being caught drunk driving, you have to be convicted of drunk driving (ie due process). Immigrants at the border are being detained and separated without due process. You may say "but they are entering illegally." Well, how do you know that if there is no due process of law? Now you are guilty before proven innocent. This is against the law and sorta kinda a cornerstone of democracy... When you are out in public, do you carry proof that you are a US citizen? I do because I am paranoid af. But chances are you don't. You rely on your perfect english and white skin as proof. Not everyone who is a US citizen has this privilege. This is how legal immigrants end up detained. Without due process, anyone can be detained and held indefinitely and this should bother you. First Latinos, then Muslims, journalists, political rivals, members of opposing parties, etc... And while we're at it, get rid of Guantanamo already. Peace.